I have a 2000 V70XC SE (Special Edition, last few thousand of the First Gen run with all the options and special wheels) with about 265k miles that likely needs a new crankshaft position sensor (therefore, is not currently running).

The condition is fair, I took really good care of it until the last 4-5 years when I acquired a Honda Pilot and it became my 4th car in a household with two drivers (and rarely driven since COVID started). The interior is in pretty decent shape, some cracks in the drivers seat leather, but the rest of the leather is in good shape. The headliner is sagging near the sunroof. The inner tailgate panel is loose and the struts are weak (despite having been replaced about 5 years ago). The rear driveshaft was removed when it failed about 10 years ago, but is with the car.

I am second owner, after a salesman at the dealership I bought it from. I have complete service history and original window sticker. Almost always took it to a Volvo specialist for service (Dannemans, Laurel, MD; Marin Volvo/Saab, San Rafael, CA; AutoScandia, Herndon, VA).

I am located in Northern Virginia, near Leesburg. Since I do not use it enough I am not willing to put another $1k into repairs, but there is still some life left in this vehicle for someone who is mechanically inclined and willing to do a little work. At this point I am looking to sell to a junk car dealer for about $400. But it breaks my heart to think the car will just be parked in a field to rot.

Is there anyone here willing to offer a few hundred dollars to take the car, even if you just part it out? Then at least I would know someone was still getting some value out of it.

Thanks, Scott