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    Default Fob Programming

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    I need to program a fob for my other 2001 XC; found this instructions. ... emote.html

    If you have a red security light in the dash of your vehicle, you will be able to manually program this remote.
    To manually program this remote:

    1. Ensure that all doors, hood, and trunk are closed.

    2. Insert key into ignition, turn key to position #2 and back to off at least 5 times
    in ten seconds.

    3. The LED indicator should start to flash, leave ignition on.
    (a) Which is the LED indicator?
    (b) Leave ignition on at position II?

    4. Once indicator starts you have 15 seconds to program remote.

    5. Press the lock button on the remote.

    6. The indicator LED lighting for about 2 seconds acknowledges the programming.
    (a) "LED lighting for about 2 seconds" What does this really mean?

    2001 Volvo V70XC/AWD/Auto/Turbo/164k Miles (Maroon)
    2001 Volvo XC70/AWD/Auto/Turbo/151k Miles (Brown)
    2005 Volvo XC90/AWD/V8/Auto 111K Miles (Black)
    2006 Toyota Sienna LE/AWD 124K Miles(Green)
    1985 BMW (E23) 735i(US)/AUTO/209K Miles (Parked since 2011)
    1997 Mazda MPV/AUTO/4WD/173K Miles (Parked since 2008)
    2002 Subaru Outback L.L. Bean/3.0/131K/AWD (Parked since 2017)

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    Those instructions are valid for some pre-1998 850's. 1998 and up require programming the PIN of the remote into the car. To make your 2001 remote work requires a Vida subscription and a "download" to tell the CEM what the PIN is of the new remote, then the car will accept the signal from the new remote.
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