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    Default Throttle Body Cleaning

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    I am about to put back the exhaust manifold with the throttle body on it. Just got this unit two years ago this month and it has made a huge difference in the car. Now, do I have to clean it? A can of throttle body cleaner is about six bucks, just for a few puffs. Break cleaner won't be a good alternative, would it?

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    I assume you mean intake manifold in your post.

    Personally, I see a ton of people here claiming these are fragile. Personally I’ve taken mine out 4 or 5 times, spray inside the body (not the outer where the electronics are) with throttle body or brake cleaner (whatever I have around). Then I toothbrush and soft wire brush any buildup I see and bolt it back on. Never been a problem for me, but I’m sure you’ll find some horror stories on here regarding them.

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    I would use throttle body cleaner. Some brake cleaners are just heptane and alcohol. Which would be safe on plastic.

    Some have acetone, which is risky.

    Some have chlorinated hydrocarbons, which could be very damaging.

    Since you're not certain what's in your brake cleaner, stick with a formula that's certain to be safe: throttle body cleaner.
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