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    Default 2004 XCDrive70 Checking in

    Car is at 225K miles and figured I'd check in on the forum and provide and update. I purchased the car 7 years ago from my parents knowing my kids would start driving and the kids took it over about 5 years ago. It hasn't seen as much mileage over the past 2 - 3 years since the kids are in college and not commuting all over the place. Since my son now has the car, his goalfor mileage was 250K, but he now plans to keep it beyond that unless something castostrphic happens (mechanical or accident).

    The car has been in the family since new and it's been a workhorse and I'm impressive as it's never let us down. Drivetrain is still original, body and interior are still perfect. The car uses very little oil between its 5000 change interval and I also do a drain and refil of roughly 3.3qts at 5K miles as well.

    Work that's been done:
    - emission systems
    - worn suspension components - shocks, control arms, ball joints, etc..
    - steering rack, it developed a small leak
    - motor mounts
    - Timing belt and associated tensionersl
    - shocks brakes, struts and other wear related items
    - Maybe other items I'm fogetting

    The driveline now has some noise, a clunk when going from drive to reverse and while the CV joints seem good, they have additional play. The angle gear appears to have leaked oil and may also have wear, so I purchased a lower mileage unit for $150 and plan to replace the angle gear, driveshafts and the CV joint that bolts to the angle gear for the prop shaft and hopefully this will tighten it up.

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    Nice. That's a damn good run for the original drive shafts.

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