Hi guys, it has been a while since I have not posted here… sorry for that . The life is being complex in all senses.
Now I need your help please !!

My xc70 2006 had the awd pump toasted… I had the CEM 1A64 and DEM -0006 and the pump was burnt.

I was able to replace the pump but I have a couple of questions… please help me to reassemble the car.

1: volvo vida says “mark you flange to align” I did not mark anything when disassemble… is there any critical thing if I reinstall the flange and propeller without that mark? Can I mend it?

2: I can’t tight the flange… I don’t have that special tool according to VIDA. How can I tighten to 150nm??

Thanks for your time, answers and extra tips to solve my issue