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    Default Looking at 2011 xc70 with 131,000 miles. Any issues I should watch for? Thanks.

    I love my 2008 xc70 with 250,000 miles. But I want a less mileage xc70. I live in a far northern climate. Does this year model (2011) have any issues? Love my volvos

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    These P3 XC70s are in demand the good ones sell quickly.

    A 2011 with 131,000 miles needs the following to be a safe purchase:
    1) Clean CARFAX and records of all maintenance work -- walk away if there was an air-bag-level collision, or any recurring electronics problems
    2) Determine if the accessory belt is coming due for replacement (an expensive repair unless you DIY)
    3) Test the crankcase idling vacuum (rubber glove test) to see if the PCV system is working
    4) A complete inspection of undercarriage, with the engine splash guard removed to look for leaks
    5) It's worth getting a Volvo pre-sales inspection, including hooking up VIDA
    6) Plan to methodically test every function (which will take an organized person about 1/2 hour), CD player, manual Geartronic shifting, folding mirrors...prepare to dig deep.

    There's going to be maintenance expenses for a 10-year-old Volvo....I'd budget $1500/year.
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    I just had to replace throttle body @ 140.not cheap
    @130 maybe a time for cleaning and check for hoses
    Maintenance records if provided would be a great asset
    Good luck

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