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    Default Fuel consumption

    My Volvo's XC60 2010, t6, fuel efficiency in city suddenly decreased it now consumes 2-3 liters more than it used to be. However, on highway the consumption stayed the same. Had it checked with computer diagnostics and nothing appeared to be wrong. I was told that it could be a thermostat (which still works but not doing its job as it used to be). Has anybody had the similar issue and what could be the reason?

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    The only thing I can tell from your post is that you are likely in Canada. As for actual mpg or L per 100KM, in town always sucks on our T6 especially if you are doing very short trip with heavy AC usage due to high temps. We regularly get pretty great and normal MPG on the interstate runs of nearly 1000miles. But consumption once we are there in 90 deg temps and 2-5 mile runs is as little as 60% of the interstate figure.
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