The Michelin tires on our 2014 aged out. Time to replace them.

I did my analysis paralysis looking over all the usual suspects and ended up replacing the Michelin with Continental TruContact tires. These are 235/60-18 rated you can get T or H rated versions.

Went for the T rated tires with nominally softer ride. That was last Thursday. I’ve done a 950 mile journey to SC through 90 degree temps and a horrendous series of pop up torrential rain storms. When dry, speeds were in the 70mph range, AC on all the time.

Result, 26.7mpg hand calculated, which I swear is better than with the Michelin. Grip on these torrential rain storms was fantastic. So was braking. I sense (perhaps because I want to) that the ride is quieter than the old tires, possibly softer even though pressures are to manufacturer recommendations.

If I feel this way after the next 1000 miles, I think our Subie will get the same tires.