Yakima makes great gear. Better than Thule, in my 40+ years of experience with both Yakima and putting kayaks and other things on top of cars. Yakima's quality and warranty can't be beat. Put a really great Yakima kayak rack on my 2001 T5. Works great. I've got a Yakima Skybox on the 2002 XC and the 2002 T5.

I use the Skybox for very light gear - folding chairs, sleeping bags, tents, pillows. The Skybox weight limit would allow a wheel/tire, but I would have to measure carefully to ensure that the tire fits inside the box and I would lash it down tight inside, so that it doesn't slide around. Skybox isn't cheap - around $600. All three Volvos have Volvo "wing" crossbars. Very little noise from the "wing" shaped bars.

Yakima makes nice bars as well.

I would go with either Volvo or Yakima cross bars, and a gear basket, so that that tire can be lashed down tight and not slide around.

One caution: your CG will be noticeably higher with anything more than about 50 lbs on the roof. A tire and gear up there will make the car handle just a bit worse, with a bit more body roll.