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    Default buddy with an 04 xc90, transmission randomly holds gears and has to shift manually

    Hey all, havent posted as i havent had a XC in a while. A friend got a 2004 XC90 (turbo 5cyl) for $1500, and we are fixing it up.

    We are experiencing a random transmission problem I cannot pin down. Some trips everthing acts normal, others, when leaving a stop it wont shift out of 1st or second and revs to redline. He manual mode shifts and then it acts normal.

    I scanned it with VIDA and theres no trans codes in the system. Theres a random evap code, a code for the rf wheel speed sensor and lost comms with the DEM. No transmission or engine error codes.

    With my BMW i can release all memory and adaptations so the trans can relearn, is that possible with VIDA? Its such a random problem and does not leave a trace. We will do a drain and fill on the trans, the dipstick shows the fluid looking ok.

    Anyone with some advice?

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    Looks like you're doing all the correct troubleshooting (fluid level, etc). There is a trans adaptation in VIDA. I haven't done it, but I saved the process in my Volvo notes:
    **How to reset "Transmission fluid change counter and Transmission adaptation systems"**
    -First click on "Diagnostics" tab.
    -Than click on the sub tab "Vehicle Communication"
    -After that go to TCM module, than go to advanced tab.
    -From there you click on Transmission Fluid Change Counter and fellow the instruction to reset both transmission fluid change counter and adaptation systems

    Good luck!

    2005 XC70 - 50/35 Tint, Yakima Rack

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