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    Default TCM-0192 ,Red Warning symbol show as I drive 2008 C70 "Stop safely to avoid damage"

    After I replaced front struts that includes unplugging and re plugging sensors on front wheels, the red triangle warning symbol
    show and red message indicates:"Stop safely to avoid damage" with beeping sound.
    So I ran Vida, cleared all old errors and re ran, there is no error, no DTC, no engine code yellow light but the red warning stayed.
    Ran Vida again , this time selected transmission type AW50, there is an error code:
    TCM-0192 Gear Selector Module(GSM) Faulty Signal, this error does turn on the red triangle warning but seem
    unrelated to front Struts replacement.
    I wonder how to clear the red triangle warning light as the beeping noise is annoying.
    Disconnected the battery for an hour to reset, after connecting it again the same warning show as I drive.

    The code does not disappear, as I drive.Red flashing warning Only show after car is moving.
    "Got a hint from S40 forum"
    Thank for the hint, it is possible something fallen into shifter, not an easy thing to open and look around.
    If that be the case this flashing red warning and loud ding sound with message
    "Stop safely to avoid damage"
    is really excessive, gives impression that something major is about to break.

    Opened the console (that is a lot of work on C70), it was the infamous shifter blind magnet that was broken lose, ordered a new shifter blind

    Click image for larger version. 

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