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    Default First UK Meet was a success but ...

    But... a little on the few side. I know I had a couple of PM's saying some folk would be away that day but thanks to Jezz & TrueBlue for making the numbers up. Also thanks to Volvo for supplying some goodies that were very well recieved by us.

    The day was very successful, partly because we had the weather on our side and secondly we got to see a very unusual XC70. Jezz decided to bring his XC70 in full battle gear and at one stage had all the lights working. If anyone wants a good auto-electrican I am sure Jezz could supply you with the details of his guy. The workmanship on the fuses and relays is second to none. The area is hidden below the rear deck and the electrican has left room for future additions to be added.

    After arriving at about eleven o'clock in the morning and 'looking over' each others cars we explored the wealth of history in Duxford. We left tired and very happy at the first meet about five o'clock.

    Some more photos will follow in the coming days.

    I am trying to arrange another meet in the Winter months, when we will meet up at a 4x4 course. I have had quite a bit of interest from fellow members about this and feel it would be a good way to get to know your car. The course is set in a disused gravel quarry so major damage to your car should be out of the question. There will also be a BBQ and some warm drinks to keep everyone on their toes. For the rest of the family there will be other driving attractions like quad bikes and if I get a higher level of interest a chance to drive a new XC70 & XC90 over the course. I am hoping that one or two of the local dealers will come along and support us in this matter, so a build up of interested names would help provide the additional attractions. In order to get additional support in time, does anyone have a right time for this meet as the course is always water logged and a chalange to drive, with woods and plains to drive over the only thing you will need is your rubber boots and a willingness to test your car for the purpose it was built for.

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    Sounds like you had a great time! The first event is always the smallest, hopefully the events grow and grow from here on in but the most important thing is ya had a good time, regardless of the numbers

    Looking forward to seeing more pics
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    Congrats on your first meet. Well done. It sounds like all had a good time seeing others XC70s and some good auto chats etc. The next one sounds like a lot of fun. Be sure to take some movie of your cars negotiating the off roads stuff.

    Looking forward to the other pics.
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    Default UK meet - a good day out

    My personal thanks to AWD* for organising the event. I am usually reluctant to "join in", the thought of talking about thrupple nuts for the whole day fills me with horror. But this meet was not like that, we discussed several points of common interest - amazing how even though a one picture is worth a thousand words; sight of the actual is worth even more.

    Duxford was an excellent choice - especially in perfect weather conditions. It's not all 'planes, there's tanks, lorries, cars and big guns.

    I'm posting this as it would be great to see more members and swap experiences. The 4x4 event is a great idea as it connects directly to the cars, even for a limited number of owners.

    SOO please UK and visiting members please make an effort to support AWD in his next venture.

    Thanks again for a super day,

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    AWD* and fellow UK XC'ers,

    My sincerest apologies for missing the Duxford event. I didn't find out about it until the Friday before and I tried to rearrange the schedule, but just couldn't get it all worked out. I do hope to be at the next event and I look forward to seeing the pics of this one.
    Cheers, Gary

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    Default Volvo Meet

    Well done AWD. Always glad to hear of a get-together of the faithful. I'm sure that word will circulate of the good times and that participation will be up, particularly if you manage to have a Volvo rep on hand next time.
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    Default UK Meet.........

    Oh Jeeez guys,

    I have been v.busy with work etc so hadn't checked the forum!
    I live less than 1/2 a mile from the location in those photos!
    Plus I could have got everyone in for free!
    Oh b*ll*cks............

    I have changed my profile so I will now be notified if there are any private messages for me (Sorry AWD I had no idea)!

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    Default From little acorns...

    ...and it looks as if the oak may be sprouting judging by your subsequent post with information of next years event. Best of luck.
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    Default I am up for the next one!

    I was disappointed not to be able to attend the August meet and very much would have like to come along. Given sufficent notice , hope suggestion of next meet comes off and the 4x4 is an interesting angle.

    Looking to meeting you all!
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