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    Question XC70 Best Years?

    Hello XC-ers!

    I am shopping for a used XC70 -- I've driven 140s, 240s, and a 940, and it's time for something newer, more rugged, AWD, and capable of towing a small camper.

    I have so many questions, but right now I am trying to narrow my search down to the "best" years.

    It is my understanding that 2006 was the first "transmission problem free" year, so I am starting my search there.

    But did things get better, or worse, in 2008, with the redesign? What is better, and what is worse, about the 2008+ models?

    Thanks for any and all of your opinions and guidance!

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    I bought the P3 2008 model after it made more sense to upgrade than repair the said gearbox issue in my 2001 V70.
    In my mind, the V70 is same as XC70 without AWD.

    A friend had the P2 XC70 when I had my V70 and they were very similar.

    P3 is a better car and seems more refined (possibly just because it was newer and less miles)
    Mine now has 200k+ km / 125k+ miles and is still great.
    Incidentally, my friend that had the P2 XC70 upgraded to the 2016 P3 XC70.

    Comparison between the the first 2008 and last 2016 models is they are very similar.

    I have towed a large camper (1650 kg / 3600 lbs) without issue however the springs sagged a fair bit with 160 kg / 350 lbs ball weight.

    If it fits your budget get the last 2016 model.
    If not, look at 2010 or newer as they made improvements to the model after the first release.
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    I went from a 2004 XC70 T5 --> 2015.5 XC70 T6, and have been very satisfied. There were many enhancements in the years 2008-2016, which you'll want to learn about.

    More notes here:
    2013 XC70 T6 Flamenco Red (hers)
    2015 XC70 T6 Seashell Metallic (his)
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    The drive belt service on 3.2 or T6 models can be a shock if you're used to older four or five cylinder cars (or any other car for that matter). Replacement interval is 150,000 miles but a lot of cars need it sooner due to the clutch seizing. Plan on a complex and costly repair. But there's no timing belt, and PCV maintenance is hugely simplified compared to previous Volvos.

    I'd say that pretty much sums up 2008 and newer versus 2008 and older Volvos: 2008 and newer are easier in some ways compared to older models, but more complicated and expensive in ways the older cars weren't. Overall my 2010 XC70 is about as reliable as all my past 7 Volvos going back to my first 760 Turbo. And it's also the best and most versatile car I've owned.

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