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    Default T6 2008-2015 Reliability

    Hello Everyone,

    I have to replace my much loved '04 XC70 and I'm considering an '08 to '15 T6 XC70. Apparently the '00 to '05 T6s were not that reliable (and getting long in the tooth now) but I am wondering if the '08 to '15 T6s were improved.

    Any information, advice and witty quips would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Best regards,

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    I had to replace the same '04 XC70. I liked the 2013 XC70 T6 I bought for my wife so much, I had to get one for myself (2015.5).

    Engine-wise, the I-6 engine -- developed jointly by Volvo-Ford -- made its debut in 2007. I test-drove both the 3.2 and the T6 versions, and felt the 3.2 was too sluggish.

    Both engines have a good track record. There isn't a timing belt to be changed -- it has a lifetime steel timing chain. The accessories belt is due at 150,000 mi.

    I've liked the transition from P2 --> P3 XC70. Changing headlight bulbs was finally made easy -- the headlamp assy. lifts out to access the bulbs!
    It's virtually the same Aisin tranny as the P2. These are Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles, so you are contributing toward a cleaner environment.

    I would familiarize yourself with the options and refinements that occurred during the 08-->15 model years. Here's a short list:

    Sensus entertainment console w/ bluetooth (2013 -->)
    Digital dashboard display (2015.5)
    Navigation system (option)
    ABL - Active Bending Lights (great for nighttime mountain driving)(option)
    Child booster seats in rear seat (fold-up) (option)
    Power-lift tailgate (option on early MYs??)

    Sensor-tech options:

    Park-assist (proximity sensors in bumpers)
    Windshield LIDAR & Camera (collision auto-braking)
    Rear-facing camera (back-up view)
    BLIS - Blind Spot Indicator System (side-facing cameras)
    Lane-change warnings
    Adaptive cruise control
    TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    My favorite features are BLIS, ABL, Sensus bluetooth (can take/make phone calls, listen to audiobooks ).

    I call the XC70 T6 the "luxury rocket wagon". It's every bit as practical as the P2 enclosed minitruck....(the rear-seats fold down flat).
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