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    Default Smell of coolant!

    So, it's time to add a little heat to the cabin in my 2006 xc70. Problem is...turned on the heat and ...smell of antifreeze. No coolant loss in reservoir. Pulled the mats, nothing damp under heater core area. I owned an 850 for many years, did several heater cores on that car, so I know where to look...Dry.
    Any thoughts? I have a reservoir cap that i once put a valve in so that I can pressurize the system. Used it on the 850 and found a head gasket leak. I don't want to do it to this car...fear of blowing something out!

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    Is it possible the coolant has a tiny steam leak in the engine compartment, and it's entering the cabin thru the intake vents? If you keep the "recirc" ON (outdoor air closed), does it go away?

    If you don't smell it until the coolant has time to build up pressure, it's likely a steam leak. In a very quiet environment (nighttime), you can sometimes hear the soft hiss sound after shutting off a warmed-up engine. A tiny steam leak in a dry environment only leaves a small greenish-white residue...the steam evaporates.
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