I've been using the same car repair place for our 2010 XC70 since the car went out of warranty. On a recent trip we drove 250 miles and parked the car for 4 days while we hiked. On return the car immediately warned that coolant was low. I opened the reservoir and found it was empty of visible fluid. I put water in (a temporary fix), and we made it home. This car had a routine service in Feb, and was hardly driven since then. A day later, the fluid level remains as it was after I added water.

The car has 42k on it. These guys have worked on it twice, since the last time the dealer's service people saw it, in 2014 when it had 30k on it.

Another car we own had a recent 30k service (ie fairly major) and I found the windshield washer fluid was basically empty a few days after. It made me wonder if they had simply made a mistake, or if they were skipping things.

'Check fluid levels' is a routine part of any service for any repair place, I'd think. Alternatively, is it possible that the fluid somehow came out on it's own in a few months, without leaving any visible trace (the car is parted indoors). Alternatively #2, is it time for me to find a new place to service the car? <g>