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    Am keeping an eye for this model (2008- ?). I have an 04 now. Just wanted some feedback on this model compared to the 04-07 model. Thanks.
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    The XC70 saw a major revision. I went from owning an '04 XC70 2.5T --> 2013 XC70 3.0 T6. Some changes:
    3.2 and T6 are hybrid Ford-Volvo design mechanical design, with Denso engine control parts (outsourced Bosch Motronic Engine control design)
    Rubberized timing belt retired; replaced with lifetime steel timing chain; serpentine belt change at 150K mi.
    Battery moved back into engine compartment
    Molded plastic hood replaced aluminum hood
    tranny and AWD - small incremental change -- AWD more responsive
    modernized entertainment system (Sensus) transitioned in 2012-13 models
    Press-fit wheel bearings replace bolt-ons
    Tire-pressure monitoring became standard feature
    Motorized tailgate - option, then standard
    Integral child rear-seat option
    Camera & LIDAR thru windshield bring driver-assist safety features
    proximity sensors on bumpers for parking assist
    Blind Spot Indicator System introduced (MY???)
    Side-view mirrors electronic fold-in-out
    Key fob works contactless for ignition (2013-??)
    Electronic Parking Brake (works better on slope than older tendon lever pull)
    Active Bending Lights (option, great for nighttime mountain driving)
    Smart door handle (lock and unlock)
    Tinted rear and cargo window glass
    Ultra-low Emissions technology
    Front headlight assys retract from body for easier bulb replacement!!
    Ruggedized underside protection of fuel tank (plastic & alum shrouds)
    Dual tailpipes on T6

    front seat center handle retired
    transmission dipstick retired
    Fuel pump / level sender no longer accessible thru cutout port in rear seat area

    I enjoyed the move up to the P3 XC70. The seat quality is still excellent. The T6 has 300 H.P., a noticeable bump up from the 2.5T.
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