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    Default Condenser Replacement Question

    I'm thinking about replacing the condenser of my XC70. Last year, I had the dealer charge the the ac and they said there was a pin hole leak in the condenser. He didn't recommend them replacing the condenser unless I wanted to spend $800. It's labor intensive he said.

    After watching some brief videos on YouTube, it appears to be doable. I'm just not clear on the details of unhooking the connections and what to do as I open the system. I was wondering if anyone has done this an can share the process. I plan the have the dealer recharge it after. Thanks in advance.
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    I haven't changed the condenser directly but I've replaced the receiver/drier, compressor and expansion valve and I've linked my notes and photos in the resource section. The radiator/intercooler/condenser sandwich up front can be separated although I don't know if you can drop just the condenser and support the radiator/intercooler but you may need to get to the receiver/drier since it's connected to the condenser. See my notes how to get to the receiver/drier if necessary, which is behind the left headlight assembly. Have the system fully discharged before disconnecting any A/C component.
    It is doable and you would save yourself a lot of money doing it yourself; on RockAuto a Denso condenser is less than $80 and the receiver/drier is $15 and you should definitely replace the receiver/drier after the system has been opened up. You (or the shop) will need to add some PAG 100 oil back to the A/C system, about .6 oz, to replace the lost oil when replacing the condenser and receiver/drier. There is a fair amount of labor to replace the condenser although $800 seems like a rather high price for this job.

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    I did it myself, having never done such a thing before. If you’re patient and have a couple of days it’s certainly doable (I had the car at a shop and did it over two consecutive days while also installing an aux transmission cooler).

    Be aware there’s a ton of stuff to dismantle, even the cowl, but it’s pretty straightforward.

    I’ll see if I can dig up some of the tutorials I followed.

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