Thanks, Astro. That was the trick. Not sure how I messed up the part number in the past, but that lead got me the right one and now I'm happily signaling again. Cheers!

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Looking at FCP Euro's search on your model year, there are 3 variations on the turn signal stalk:

31268578 - w/ Trip Computer up to chassis # 348999 (last 6 digits of VIN) -- gray color

21368577 - without Trip Computer up to chassis # 314999 - charcoal color NO THUMBWHEEL RING

31268575 - charcoal color

Can you see a p/n printed or molded into the original stalk? Does the chassis # info help? Does your severed tip have the Trip Computer thumbwheel?

I was surprised that FCP Euro's search doesn't designate RHD vs. LHD variants....hmmm?