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    Default Fuel Level Sensing Flaky

    This is a 2013 XC70 T6, out West, virtually no rust, 114K miles. Over the past year, the fuel level sensing has gone flaky.
    After filling the tank, it will show 1/2 full. But, a day later, it will show 3/4 full. During a drive, the display might start at 3/8 full, and then climb to 3/4 full.

    I got my new iCarSoft Volvo/Saab V2.0 scanner, and it's seeing a

    P134600 "Fuel Level Sensor B Circuit, General Failure. No sub type information"

    Assuming this is a flaky electronic connection, can anyone detail the harness connections between the Fuel Sender,
    Fuel Tank Module, and upstream path to ECM/CEM? thanks
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    I have had a strong dose 20 plus ounces of Techtron Concentrate fuel cleaner actually clean the contacts of the float switch contact strip. I saw this in a TSB but I cannot remember which manufacturer before. Might be worth a try.

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