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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviator View Post
    "So, the 2013 AWD saddle tank has 2 level senders, one on each side?...the left side sender welded into the tank?"

    Yep! All Volvo saddle tanks have a level sender on each side.

    "Still learning about these cars (have 2 of 'em)."

    The more you learn about them, the more you'll realise that your '04 was a much better car. The P3 cars are Fords. And, the P5 cars are even worse.
    My '04 XC70 2.5T??....It had a fuel tank LEAK, a micro-crack in the plastic weld where the vent hose bib is attached. If you filled the tank to full, it would drip raw gasoline until
    the level worked down to 7/8. I had the rear seat out, portal covers off, had it pressure-smoke tested to pinpoint the leak. I plastic welded my own repair, then sold it.
    I've enjoyed owning two P3s, including doing all the maintenance and repairs (thanks to VolvoSweden on YouTube). The Ford-Volvo collaboration?....too much emphasis on software, leading to releasing new cars with minor, but annoying bugs. The software updates are way too expensive, so forget it.

    When Volvo gets done replacing metal parts with plastic (the major trend toward lower weight lower reliability), it will be a very frustrating experience for owners -- maybe pushing them toward renting from the vendor. I stayed with Volvo bc I've got 35 years of experience working on them -- it's a hobby. The XC70 T6 is a rocket-luxury station wagon -- practical and fun to drive....excellent for road trips. Drove my T6 all the way cross country, coast to coast.
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