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    Default Easy removal of stuck coil packs

    A few months ago, I attempted to replace the coil packs on my 2007 XC-70 with 150K miles. To my dismay, I could not get the coil packs off. I started prying a bit and decided to stop before I broke something. Then I remembered that I had an engine support bar. Voila. So I stuck the engine support bar over the coil packs. I fashioned a puller attachment from an old eye bolt and an S hook. I put the eye bolt through the bolt holes in the coil pack and stuck a nut on to hold it securely. Then I simply spun the lifting handle and they all popped right off. The operation was very controlled and either the coil packs were going to pop off or break.
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    LOL. Good to see someone who is as weak as me. Although, I've not been beaten by an ignition coil... yet.

    May have saved some heavy lifting of that engine support bar (That thing is heavy.) if you just looped the chain or cord attached to the coil over a pry bar and levered on the cowl or on the strut tower brace.


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