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    Question Coolant Leak Issue - At a Loss

    Currently I've an issue with a '99 Volvo v70 XC AWD where after stopping and doing an idle for about 5-15min (drive thru, bank teller, waiting for someone, etc) will cause the coolant to leak anywhere from about 15-30min after I park fully/return home. The leak amount is usually just what's in the reservoir tank and that's it. There is typically a puddle centered under the engine towards the front, but no signs of it anywhere from the top.

    Other than that, coolant is just fine. No loss just driving normally, no white smoke from the exhaust either, and nothing in the the passenger floor area.

    So far I've done a lot of replacement work as the previous owner of this car didn't take care of the cooling system that well, and needed replaced anyway, here's the list;
    heater core
    temp probe
    all soft coolant lines
    reservoir cap

    Right now I'm at a loss of what could be the cause of this. Some investigation points to potentially an issue with the water pump shaft, but I'm not sure. I do plan to replace the radiator and water pump soon anyway, just as a matter of peace of mind and completing the coolant replacement project 100%.

    Anyone have any similar issues like this at all, or am I just the lucky one?
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    '99 v70 XC AWD

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    One idea is to drive to a very quiet place, and then listen for the "hiss" sound of a vapor leak under pressure. Have a mirror handy, and probe around the cooling system looking for fogging (condensation) on the mirror. It might help to remove the splash guard under engine before doing this test.
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    This is a basic suggestion, but I’m doing it because I had to chase a leak after replacing the whole cooling hose system: doublecheck and tighten a fit further any and all hose connections now that you’ve gone through a few heat cycles.

    I found that my upper radiator hose was leaking only when everything was warmed up and resolved it with just a bit more tension.

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