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    Default 09 XC70 DTSC issue

    Had a left wheel bearing go bad. Had a mechanic replace it as I don't have the proper bearing puller tool. Used a Centric 4013900 which is the one with ABS and now the car wont go over 10 KM/h. The ABS system or DTSC cuts in and the light comes on and all fuel is pulled by the computer. Not sure what the next step is. Any advice? There is roughly 100Km on the car and there was no issue until that bearing was put in.

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    You need to get the ABS code(s) read out. You'll need a scanner like DiCE/VIDA that can retrieve ABS codes. Any Volvo shop can do this. It's possible the wheel speed sensing
    system was not put back together correctly, or the sensor itself was damaged. Ask the Volvo tech to photo anything found wrong with the bearing repair.
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