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    Cool Wheels and tyres for XC70 2008

    I have Three questions to the god of the Volvo, It may horrify some but please others that I actually want to take my XC70 2008 off road. In order for me to do this I wish to decrease the wheel size from the factory 17in xc to a stated 16xc, I say stated as am unsure that it will fit on a XC with a 3.2 petrol engine. I ask my self is it going to catch on the caliper/s.

    Q2) If the rim does not catch would an off road tyre rub on the wheel arch at full or partial lock. The wheel in question is a BFGoodridge all terrain t/a KO2 according to information I have found on the net a tyre of 215/65 r16 should be a rolling diameter of the same size as a standard tyre and 17inch combo. Is this correct, has anyone had problems with this setup?

    Last question. Does anyone know where I can purchase a full LED kit for the car. All those that I see on eBay say, not compatible when you read the small print. Yet I can find people who have done it. Is it just because we are that small little island of Europe that people no longer cares about? (joke)

    oh, I now have a forth question, how do you add a bloody screen shot/jpeg to this infernal site.

    Miss you already.

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    In case you haven't noticed - this is an USA forum and I gues you've had no responses because folks 'over there' don't know what the Uk marketis.

    FYI I run my MY13 XC70 on 16s because the UK side roads are in apalling condition.
    Mine's a D5, so I can't be definitive whether that's a solution for you....

    Have you tried the UK forum?
    here -

    Mine: XC 70 Sport 2009 D5 Inscription Electric Blue.
    VNS, DSTC and 4C, BLIS, LDW ventilated leather ACC; Yummy.

    All gone now - XC70 MY 13 SE LUX Flamenco red - goes better than the '09 even with its "Polestar plus" upgrade. I justy miss the PCC...

    Hers: V60 Flamenco Red 215HP D5 (like above XC70 spec)

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