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    Default I'm new to Volvo! I'm a believer! Atlanta area.

    Hi friends, I just bought a 2008 XC70 3.2 AWD with 85k miles. It's a one owner, no accidents with all maintenance. I'm hoping to meet others and share owner experience. I only regret I didn't discover and understand the philosophy and the cars earlier in life. I stayed away from European cars because I thought they were like the temperamental German and British brands. What a pleasure this car is.

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    I've owned 13 used Volvos, some in the 15-year-old range. They're well-engineered at a reasonable price. My experience boils down to a few rules:
    1) fix things that break right away -- don't let issues pile up
    2) use the extensive DIY resources now available -- sites like this, YouTubes, online parts vendors, pick 'n pull & online salvage, EBay
    3) invest in a Volvo-specific OBD-II scanner -- VIDA / DiCE being the best -- can save you $thousands over a period of years
    4) keep records of maintenance spending -- that way you'll know total cost of ownership, and when to cut your losses

    The mindset is the same one airlines use to keep a jet-plane in service for 30-40 years....never defer maintenance.
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