I had some paint work done, and instead of taping off the upper moldings on the doors (the bump strip in the middle of the door) they removed them.

Problem is they curled up during the removal process, and wouldn't straighten out completely again. So now one got pretty damaged when I opened the (rear) door and the molding grabbed on the front door and got bent and dinged in the process. I was a really cold day, and I just thought the hinges were frozen up, otherwise I might not have forced it.

I've seen these online, but I can't seem to get if straight whether they can still be ordered or not and how much they cost. Also they appear to come unpainted.

I have spoken with the body shop yet. They had promised to set things right once the weather warms up, but no one was expecting this to happen.

Mine are pearl blue metallic. Is it even possible to get these used?