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    Default Broken damper lever on Climate Control

    I recently discovered that the front passenger side of the car (front left as it's RHD) is receiving hot air regardless of temperature setting. On removing the trim I can see that the actuator arm to one of the flaps has broken at a point close to the housing. This is a plastic fitting. It is very close to and above where the heating pipes connect to the heat exchanger. One other control lever is still attached but the break is so close to the spindle there is no way of gluing the pieces back together. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find instructions for how to remove the air conditioning/heating equipment, diagrams or pictures would be especially welcome?
    I tried the resources section which lists aircon removal but I get 403 from clicking the link. Gremlins have left and I have been able to read the resources section but none of them details the area of interest.
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    Are you looking for heater core/heat exchanger removal?
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