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    Default Mo Powah Babeh (tuning)

    I'm a broke student in need of a little more power. I've been looking at a couple of tunes as those will definitely give me the best price to performance.

    Hilton has a stage 1 tune for $350, and adding the option to remove the torque limiter brings that to $450. However the fact that they don't give a power/torque boost estimate is a little sketch. Plus it appears i'll need Vida Dice, which is a little pricey.

    I'm also looking at the Elevate tune which 41hp and 71ftlb of torque. It comes as a standalone unit which plugs into the OBDII, but also costs $740.

    Have any of y'all done these tunes? Or do any of y'all use a better tuning brand?

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    With any tune, be certain that the rest of the fuel delivery, ignition and transmission are up to the increased power.

    I would put in new plugs, check everything, change the oil, and the transmission fluid.

    Then consider the tune. If youíre actually broke, then you canít afford to have the tune blow up the engine because of a weak injector, or bad coil.

    Then, honestly, having not used any of the above, I would consider the IPD tune. Pricey, but they do a great job with tunes. And with Volvos in general.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dontfeedthevolvo View Post
    I'm a broke student in need of a little more power.

    Hilton has,

    remove the torque limiter

    it appears i'll need Vida Dice,

    Have any of y'all done these tunes?
    Yes i've used Both Hilton and ARD tuning (if they are still in business) for a 2002 and a 2001 respectively. The ard tune in a 2001 was great, and appeared to have more power at higher rpms (using the highly accurate butt dyno) - that is WHEN IT RAN PROPERLY. It would lack power and I would find codes (that needed VIDA to clear/possibly diagnose on a regular basis.

    The hilton tune was easier to implement simply using a dice unit and a email download (but not needing VIDA). It was just a little improvement using the butt dyno.

    So - what would I do? If you are going to keep the volvo and do work yourself - you will need the stolen Vida software with a chinese dice clone to be able to diagnose your car.

    DO NOT have the torque limiter removed - a transmission replacement can cost $5000! and yours might have 145k on it.

    Most important - you describe yourself as a broke student - and you want to make your VOLVO STATION WAGON faster?

    Sure i did that with many cars in my youth, and even in the last ten years with the hilton and ard tunes. But i did not do that when i was "a poor student". I saved and purchased with cash a variety of sports cars culminating with a Maserati Biturbo (what a POS), Porsche Turbo, a M5, then a M3. But cars were not the most important thing - other goals were mixed in with greater priority, a house, investments, a business, rental property. a retirement fund, a family.

    What do i drive now? A 2015 xc70 t6 (the 6cyl engine)with the polestar tune (325hp, ~354ft/lb) and a M3 that sits parked.

    Remember you drive a VOLVO STATION WAGON - and if you want a fast car - BUY A FAST CAR

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