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    Default ABS light is on, code is ABS circuit A, replaced pedal position sensor, still on

    The title sorta sums this one up. I have the 'pull over safely urgent' issue message, ABS lights on. Code is 'brake circuit A' and sometimes 'brake circuit A and B'. Googling suggested the brake position sensor which I replaced today. I cleared the codes, but it came back up.

    This issue is intermittent, pretty much 50/50 and once you start the car if it's off it stays off and vice-versa. I have a Volvo specific code reader and I cleared the codes with that, still came back. I had also replaced both front ABS wheel speed sensors out of an abundance of caution.

    Also replaced the brake light switch sorta by accident.

    What else could it be?

    This is my 2002 V70 XC turbo inline 5.

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    What codes did you have? Read by DiCE/VIDA if possible.
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    Googling suggested that I have terminal cancer.

    But a couple of Tums cured my symptoms, so...

    Look, you really need to do some more troubleshooting, which must include testing, on this. A code doesn’t mean that a particular component has failed, only that the car has registered a fault. Another component may be causing this problem.

    In your case, the ABS module is a weak spot, so are the reluctor rings themselves. A bad reluctor ring will show up as a wheel sensor fault since the wheel sensor isn’t reading speed properly.

    So, cheapest thing to do is examine each ring closely, clean them up and look for cracks. Go from there.

    A Volvo-specific code reader is nice, but only gets you about 10% of the way through the troubleshooting process. The additional steps in VIDA will walk you through the rest.

    But examine the rings first. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Throwing parts at it is going to get expensive.
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