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    Default Auto mode in light switch

    Hi guys:

    I have an XC70 T6 2009.
    I would like to know if I can replace my light switch (no auto option) with the one for the XC70 2014 (part # (31443837)?

    My XC has some kind of light sensor since the stereo and speedometer change color when entering a tunnel.
    I would like to have the “auto” option for the headlights. This would be a great plus.
    My local dealer has not been helpful at all.


    XC70 T6 2009

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    When, I look at the switches that appoint the driver's console, that's what I see...the exposed tip of a mammoth software iceberg, one that represents 3 decades of steady innovation. A giant black box designed to be impenetrable, except by trading up to a newer model year.

    That said, the info on this site

    claims a process for adding "auto dimming" feature to a MY2012 Volvo -- after swapping in part 30739428 light switch to a MY2012 Volvo. It involves "cracking" (modifying) the CEM software with one not factory tested with your exact model-year. That's a risk you have to evaluate. For more details about your '09, check out "VolvoSweden"'s video on VDASH --

    I am not endorsing these DIY CEM mods using VDASH. I'm just passing along something I became aware of after reading your post.
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