I started the process of replacing my axles on my 2014 XC60 FWD but ran into a couple of issues and was wondering if anyone had any insight. The driver side replacement axle just didn't fit, the wrong one was sent to me by the parts warehouse so I returned it. I can't seem to get the original axle to lock back into place though. No matter what I try it just will not go all the way in. The clip doesn't seem to want to compress enough to slip past the lip. While trying to figure that out I decided to move on to the passenger side and noticed the axle I was sent looks different than the one I pulled off the car. I was sent a CarQuest brand axle and it is a a little shorter than the one that came off the car. I understand the axle should be measured by compressed length and the old axle could have stretched a little but the design is different. Is this something I should be worried about?