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    Default Bodeman Axles Anyone??

    Searched but found nothing for this particular brand/reseller......

    No reviews on Amazon.. CLICK HERE

    Also on Ebay with seemingly good average feedback...... CLICK HERE

    I just cant really justify spending even FCP prices for GNK axles on this car. I'll do what I need to because it beats replacing it obviously, but if the $150 set is balanced properly and has a 10 year warranty, its hard to say no to that.
    Just curious if anyone here has used these or has any knowledge of them.


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    Well...let’s see...

    It took me three axles from IPD to get one that actually worked without vibrations. Three axle replacements is a huge PITA.

    Oh, and then it lasted 40,000 miles before the boot came apart, completely destroying it.

    So, yeah, the GKN axle that replaced it was SOOO worth it. A far, far better value.

    Lasts longer. Works right the first time.

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    GKN is the OEM. The axles I removed had GKN stickers on them still. I got mine from FCP, brand new. The Volvo axles in the Volvo boxes at the dealer were refurbished GKN for twice the price of FCP's new ones. They fit and work perfectly, no messing around. No brainer IMHO.
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    FWIW - I'm not gullible just relaying....I know any vendor can say their product is great.....
    Its hard to stomach spending half the cars value on axles when these have a 10 year warranty.
    And since nobody has any relevant knowledge to this vendor, I might roll the dice one day.
    Thanks for input.......

    Thank you so much for contacting us. All our products are new and manufactured strictly according to OEM standards. They are tested to ensure proper function and guaranteed with high quality and superior durability, which gives us confidence to provide a 10-year warranty.

    Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions, we are looking forward to your business!


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