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    Default P.S. rack transfer lines

    Has anyone replaced the fluid transfer lines on a early P.S. rack?, my 02 developed a leak due to corrosion from being a rust belt vehicle, there are lots of replacement line sets for many domestic and later ZF rack Volvo cars but non i have found for the early racks on a XC, I was able to place a band aid repair and stop the leak for the time being but replacement is needed. Probably in uncharted waters with this, most parts replacer's would simply replace the rack. I'd rather fabricate the lines themselves but the type of sealing fitting is a unknown, the rack will be needed to be removed from the car to make or fit new lines, if i knew the type of sealing the lines use into the rack i could be better prepared to do the repair. The rack itself has no issues and works perfectly so i would rather just replace the lines than the entire rack. The replacement racks offered are the later ZF rack and require a change to the input and output lines at added expense.
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