I've searched online, and in this forum, and while I get several matches around a seat belt that won't retract, I'm not finding anything about the actual latch that is difficult to open.

About 5 years ago, we found it difficult to open the driver's seat belt. There was nothing lodged in it (coins), and ultimately it was fixed under warranty.

A few year later, and we're noticing all other belts are more difficult to open - one in the rear takes brute force to open. I'm fixing this regardless as I'd prefer my passengers to not burn to death while locked into a car, but had a couple of questions:

1. I can't find any other mentions about this. Surely I can't be the only 2012 XC70 with the issue. (?)
2. I'm well out of warranty at this point, but I believe core safety items like this may be covered. Just curious.