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    Hi there,
    My 08 xc70 blower stopped working after I jumped another vehicle. It didn't die slowly, it was working fine and then stopped working completely, so I'm thinking I blew a fuse or relay during the jump. In the owner's manual it lists a relay in the engine compartment fuse box, but I cannot see it. Is there another layer of relays under the top one? In the diagram it looks like the top layer has to be removed to access this particular relay. Am I correct? Or am I on a wild goose chase and just need to replace the blower motor?

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    The voltage regulator protects all the circuits from an over-voltage situation. It's possible there was a transient under-voltage during the jumping. I would try to cold restart your electronics....disconnect the battery....short out the load + and - connectors for about 15 sec (drains any capacitors that preserve supply voltage). Then reconnect battery, giving 2 minutes for computers to restart before testing the blower fan. Have to reset the clock. Have to reset the power windows for auto-open and close.

    I assume you've checked any fuses that deliver power to the blower.

    If all else fails, there is a great video posted on "volvosweden"'s YouTube channel, showing step by step how to replace the blower fan:
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