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    Default Any interest in a 2003 XC70 for parting out?

    I have a 2003 Volvo XC70 that requires considerable costly repairs that I cannot justify given the age of the vehicle and I am considering selling it "as is." If someone is interested in purchasing an XC70 to part it out, then this may be your deal. I've attached a couple of pictures. Vehicle color is Platinum Green and it has the rear wing spoiler. Back seats have the built-in child booster seats and it is also equipped with the third row seat in the cargo area. I also have the folding steel grille to separate the cargo area from the seating area. When I installed the grille I had to disconnect the seat belts for the third row seat, but the belts are still in the vehicle. Overall, appearance wise the vehicle is reasonably good condition for its age - a few door dings and dents.

    In July I had the vehicle in for service at the Volvo dealership in Baltimore. It's a dealership I've been using since 2007 and I have a pretty good relationship with the main service advisor at that dealership. I was told that the rear differential was leaking and to replace it the cost would be ~$6800 USD parts and labor. Additionally they noted that there was "play" on the left side of the power steering rack and quoted me ~$2700 USD to repair that. I couldn't justify sinking $10K into it, so we just parked it and drove it once every couple of weeks. The service advisor told me the vehicle was still very driveable, but the rear diff was definitely a concern for him. I did not seek a second opinion or do any internet research to see if those costs were in the ballpark. I know dealerships are typically more costly than non-dealer repair shops. Anyway, last weekend I drove it to run errands and when I got home and turned it off, the fan kept running. I thought that was odd given that the high last weekend was in the mid 30s farenheit. A few hours later I went out to the vehicle and the battery was completely dead. I haven't tried to jump start it. I don't need it for daily transportation. I have three other Volvo's (2007 XC70, 2015 XC70 and 2017 XC60) and a 2012 Nissan Murano. So quite frankly, I'm thinking it is time to parts ways with it and sell "as is." I'm setting the price at $1500 OBO, although I don't think I am willing to go as low as $1K.

    I purchased the vehicle new in February 2003 through Volvo Military Sales when I was stationed in Germany with the Department of Defense. It has been dealer maintained throughout and a few years ago I replaced the DIM through Xemodex. It's been a good car and I'm going to be sad to part with it. I was hoping to be one of those Volvo owners who might get several hundred thousand miles out of it, but I guess not.

    If you think you might be interested in purchasing this vehicle for parts, PM me. I'm live in the Baltimore area and obviously you would need a way to transport it. $1500 OBO cash or cashier's check if you are interested.
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