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    Default Fixed! Re: Daughter's 2002 XC70 deer strike dash-cam video

    It's back on the road!

    Last week my son and I fixed his sister's 2002 XC70 after her high-speed deer strike (see below) and it's better than before.
    The hood color match is close, but not exact. That's easy to fix once a matching XC70 shows up in the yards.
    We even upgraded her to the $$$ late model HID lamps.

    It did require lots of new parts: hood, radiator+intercooler+ACcondensor, bumper cover, head light, fog light, power steering pump & line, radiator support member, etc
    We were fortunate that there were lots of donor XC70s in the yards right now.
    But the fact that there are subtle differences in some of the parts, like the PS pump, did cost us some time.
    I think the total was just under $500.

    And a lot of measuring, hammering and restraightening in the passengers front corner

    Below is the original thread (since it went off the track a bit a the end):

    Daughter's 2002 XC70 deer strike dash-cam video

    Be careful out there, it's deer season...

    Two Fridays ago, my daughter had her beloved and well-maintained 2002 Volvo XC70 wagon "Blue" totaled by a high-speed deer strike out on the sage flats south of Salida, CO.

    On the upside, it didn't come through the windshield, no one was injured and her boyfriend earned major dad points for his immediate gold-star response.

    Yes, everyone but the deer and the vehicle is OK.
    I'm sure glad there was no opposing traffic.
    The fact the deer was just in front of the reflective sign made it harder to initially discern.

    Our term for roadside deer is "Sandbags on stilts". And they are just about that smart, too.

    To see how fast it happened, click the picture below for the dash-cam video.

    [Caution - not for the sensitive - contains screams, a loud 4-letter utterance, and the tumbling aftermath of a high-energy deer impact]

    You may have to enable pop-up windows for

    try this... Volvo Deer Strike

    or open this in a new window...


    The aftermath

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    Well done!!
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    Indeed, great job!
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