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    Default Wheel compatibility from 2nd to 3rd generation?

    We nailed a deer on I90 during our Yellowstone trip a couple weeks ago and totalled our 2007 XC70. We had our winter tires on it with cheap steel rims so I still have the alloy Adventure package rims with good summer tires on it in storage. We are looking at 3rd gen XC70s to replace the car and I'm curious if those wheels will fit a 2008+ XC70. Thanks for any advice on this folks can offer.

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    The Gen 2 rims will not fit on Gen 3. Different off sets and hub sizes.

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    I don't know what variants you have 'over there' but I have a set of 16" second generation Volvo wheels (2006) which fit my 2013 Gen 3 car. OK the bore is different by about 1mm - so I fitted a plastic ring.

    Probably too late for the OP now

    Just looked a wheelfitment.EU and got

    series 2 studs 5 x 108 Bore 65.1 Offser 49
    series 3 5 x 108 63.4 50

    All in mm.
    What do you guys have??
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    Mine: XC 70 Sport 2009 D5 Inscription Electric Blue.
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    All gone now - XC70 MY 13 SE LUX Flamenco red - goes better than the '09 even with its "Polestar plus" upgrade. I justy miss the PCC...

    Hers: V60 Flamenco Red 215HP D5 (like above XC70 spec)

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    I did a little digging, and I found out that kmc wheels (more specifically, the KMC KM721 Alpine Matte Bronze and the KMC KM708 Bully Matte Bronze) are pretty much compatible with your car. I'm not so sure about the size, but perhaps you can crosscheck your recent wheels with the kmc.

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