Iíve got a 2001 Volvo V70 XC (Iíve had it about a year now) with an oil leak that Iím having a difficult time isolating the source of. Most of the oil seems to be dripping down between the engine block and the transfer case. When I started working this problem, I found the oil return/scavenge line leaking at the turbo charger (one of the retainer bolts was loose). I replaced the gasket and reinstalled the line and at this time itís dry and where the line goes into the engine is dry. Also both banjo fittings on the turbo are dry. Iím not getting any nasty smoke out of the exhaust so I think the turbo is OK.
Next is the PCV system. I donít have any fancy tools so I secured a latex glove to the oil fill port and ran the engine. Thank goodness for the baffles in the fill port because that glove got sucked down into that port and stayed that way even when I revved the engine up. I also pulled the oil dip stick out with the engine running and there were no smoky vapors coming from the tube nor any other signs of a positive pressure in the crankcase. It seems the PCV system may have possibly been serviced in the not too distant past.
The oil cooler doesnít seem to be leaking and I donít see any oil leaking at the cam shaft seals. Just to be sure Iím going to pull the top torque mount again to check that cam seal one last time. If thereís no leaking there, does anyone have any other suggestions where to look?