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    Default dead battery-windows and a-c not working properly

    Hi everyone. I purchased a 2007 XC90 with the V8 off a buddies sister, She blew the serpentine belt off because of a bad tensioner. She drove it home discharging the battery. There is sat for 6 months. I recharged the battery and replaced tensioner and belt. Truck runs great. I cant seem to adjust blower speeds, ac engages. Interior lights wont com on when doors open, when front windows go up to the top they power back down. I scanned the vehicle and got CCM-0040, CCM-DD31,CCM-DD33,CCM-00A1 for blower motor signal too high. I tried unhooking negative cable from battery but nothing changes. Anybody have any ideas?

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    you need to post your questions in a forum (the xc90 forum in this case) if you expect an answer

    The blower probably has a bad electronic resister making it run all the time, unfortunately to replace it correctly you have to remove the dashboard on an xc90. It's much easier to do on all the other Volvo models. Interior lights - are they set to come on with the doors or simply in the off position? (3 position switch - off, on, w/doors ) The windows just need to be reprogrammed. May or may not take VIDA or a good scan tool depending on the year.

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