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    Exclamation Aw55/50sn.l need some advice please help?

    HI guys,and thanks to all of you forum member,if it weren't for you I will sold this car much earlier,but this forum helped me a lot with this car and that's why I intend to keep it,but now the transmission has started jerking and pinging on up shifts...I have a 2001 V70XC Awd cross country model 2.4t B5244t3 with this strange aisin box aw55-50sn geartronic manufactured 00 Mv, with 130 k miles when I bought it 2016.i know that it has a faulty gearbox in it and a faulty Throttle control module, it fluctuate on idle 650 rpm to 850 rpm sometimes has 2 to 3 delay and a mild bang into 3 gear,so I changed 3 d&f with mannol 3309.The old atf was never changed,it was dark brown almost black and it smells awful.On the magnetic drain plug there were small amount of clutch shavings or some particles,but only very small microscopic things that were magnetized on the plug not a big metallic parts, something like a small nail in diameter,,and after 300 miles I changed it again and again after another 300miles 3 D&F . also changed the upper mount and the two little ones on the crossbar, and the lower torque rod for the box,the MAF sensor and the idle was beter but still not good idling,I'll try cleaning the throttle plate to see if any improvement. Its a yellow sticker etm.After the change all was good for the winter,and when the summer came after 8k miles. I got the service transmission required on the dash.i was driving a 400miles trip on hot summer day on a hill incline with five guys and a full trunk when the transmission service came were P1618 and P0740...after that I flush it again now with genuine volvo atf 1161540-640 x 3 jugs from 4L and flushed 12 litres.and again all was good for anothet year when another summer came +40 c here in Europe. So I now have garage delayed shifts double drive engagement after one sec.and harsh R engagement.All IS GOOD WHEN Atf IS COLD FOR THE FIRSTH ONE HOUR OF DRIVING,but after 1 hour putt the gear selector in D and nothing happens like I now suddenly have the neutral and drive option,witch I never had the previous years when I drove the car( very strange because I know 01 has this feature but on this car the feature came after three years of driving the car) it has not been there before,because when I put in D the car moves forward in the previous years owning it,and now its standing still when on traffic light in hot days,when I accelerate it is starting to accelerate ,but there is jerking and like thuging feel( this happens only when hot city driving) and when this happens there is a ringing or pinging sound I guess from the transmission when changing I guess from 2 to 3 or from 3 to 4 in D. Otherwise the car drives fine, there is no updates installed,no b4 servo changed,no valve body or anything changed on this trans. I bought a magnefine in-line filter and a Finn plate oil cooler witch I plan on installing them with another flush and see what is going to happen.the car is for US market driven in new York for 12 years and its in Europe for the last 6 years,now with 156k.miles on the clock.The previous owner said to me that there is no service schedule for the gearbox and everything else is serviced in volvo dealership in USA. Guys please share yours experience and knowledge with me on this one because I ****ing love and hate this car. Not the car, the transmission is the one I hate...thanks in advance and sorry for my English.
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