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    Had dealer diagnose rear noise and it came back as right rear bearing. If one is bad I might just do both. Anyone used any brand besides Volvo? This car has only 125k miles. I have a 96 MB C220 with 330k miles and never had to mess with the bearings. So I'm wondering how these Volvo parts last.

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    I have used aftermarket ones on both my 02 and 04, if they don't last as long as Volvo brand really is not an issue, the car is old i don't expect it to go forever, besides replacing hubs front and rear is an easy afternoons job. My 04 got a AutoZone Chinese front hub years ago, 50K on that hub now
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    I had the shop diagnose my driver's rear a few months ago, it was getting loud (I thought it was the tire). They told me not to drive far. Their quote was around $500 including an alignment, but I had a job interview the next day. I drove it home, got the wife to pick up a Moog at Advanced Auto for about $225 and had it done before bed time. So far so good on the Moog, but it's been less than 10K miles. There's a great video on FCP Euro and their method doesn't disturb the suspension so no need for an alignment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voldog View Post
    If one is bad I might just do both. So I'm wondering how these Volvo parts last
    Just replace the bad one - you will need money for the other things that are going to break, and wheel bearings are not really a common failure.

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    I would replace just what needs replacing in this case.

    Springs? Pairs.

    Shocks? Pairs.

    Balljoints? Pairs.

    But all three of my Volvos have all of their original hub bearings. 245K on all four original bearings on the XC, for example. They're not like a ball joint that wears out in 80-100K miles. They last a long time...
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