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    Default 2006 XC70 transmission failure

    Hi All

    Looking for opinions before I tear into it.

    2006 XC70 lost forward and reverse motion.
    It happened while driving, short metallic sounding clunk, engine revved up and that was it.

    So far I checked the following:
    - transmission fluid level is fine and clean. (has been drained and filled once a year).
    - VIDA does not show any TCM codes.
    - with the car on a lift. Checked the front axles, both are engaged and fine. Spinning one wheel by hand makes the other one spin in the opposite direction indicating the differential is fine.
    - the prop shaft will also spin if you hold one front wheel steady and turn the other by hand.

    While the car is in D, R or manual mode. There is no power being transferred to the wheels. It won't move.

    Has anyone had similar issues ? The car has 150k miles on the clock.
    Thanks in advance.
    My fleet: '04 V70R, '06XC70, '86 760T, '90 760T

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    Hi Szumek, no help I'm afraid, as this appears to have just happened to me. Apart from the clunk. Did you solve yours? My mileage is 223,000km. Will drive, then won't. Some horrible shunting through neutral, D to R and back but the next time none. A few 1000km ago had to have a power flush and some 'additive' added that cured a juddering occurring at 1500-2000rpm while driving, not at take-off and anywhere up to 60km/h. Then this, suddenly. Gearbox could be toast, yes, but wondered if you found anything? Going to a new transmission specialist tomorrow as, of course, I'm hours away from my mechanic without a tow. Or has anyone else anything to comment - I am a new XC 70 owner, had this 2006 one since 195,000km and been thorough and correct with all fluids since then. Having usual scares with gearbox pricing now, but still think there's life in the car to keep it. Thanks for any advice.

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