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    Default 04 Volvo xc70 parts

    I have sold all my volvo's and have quite a few parts left over from a parts car, service items and some new parts.
    I would like to sell it all at once. Ideally if somebody showed up at my door with cash in hand I would make them a heck of a deal on it all. I want this gone in the next two weeks. Anything after that goes in the scrap trailer. Doors, rear axles, calipers, rotors,struts are already in there. Make me an offer on it all.No Reasonable offer refused!
    What I know I have,
    RH Volvo axle shaft needs boot, I have a new boot kit.
    All 4 doors no interior or mirrors.all glass and regulators.
    Good complete haldex unit.
    Good angle gear.
    Black drivers seat with hot seat damage.
    Abs module.
    Brake vacuum booster, master cylinder.
    Good engine aprox.160k - coil packs, some damage to throttle body and a.c. Compressor, otherwise complete.
    New belt tensioner, Idn? (Volvo oem )
    new misc.O rings and cam seals.
    I have boxes of new and used parts, not sure what else is in there. I will update after some more investigation.
    I don't really want to ship this but if you want enough I might.
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