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    Default Engine System Service Required

    I have a 2012 XC60 D4.
    Recently the ‘Engine System Service Required’ has appeared in the dash. I’ve had it serviced and the Mass Airflow Sensor replaced. Message still appears.
    Taken it to a vehicle electrician for diagnostics and everytime the fault is cleared it reappeared when the ignition is switched on. MAFS unplugged and swapped, still the same. When unplugged it gave the same readout as when it was plugged in.
    VE was stumped and recommended further investigation.

    Has anyone come across this fault and can recommend a suitable fix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragoon023 View Post
    recommend a suitable fix?
    You first need to find someone hopefully familiar with Volvos who has a suitable scan tool that can read the exact codes causing your message. Either the stolen factory software and cloned factory tool available for less than $100 US (that works through 2015 model years) or a capable after market tool. Then follow a rational diagnostic process to find and solve the problem. It can be pretty simple as the factory software (VIDA) offers/suggests possible solutions to codes it finds.

    Sound like someone is using the guess and replace parts method to solve your message. -

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