Iím getting a knocking ping noise from my 05 xc70, after driving a bit. I have xc90 axle bolts with the bushings installed, and there doesnít seem to be any real front end looseness, mounts and bushings all seem solid. Tie rods are newish, strut mounts seem good. Bearings are relatively new, a year old. Detroitís axle hubs in front and a gob in the rear, year old moog front links.

LCAís have some cracks but seem good, passenger ball joint is old, but boot is good.

Axles are original. Have a replacement aftermarket catalytic converter downpipe. Had some recent power steering issues, cracked lower hard line, which has been repaired, but I just recently did the pump too with a used one, after loosing the pump.

Iím suspecting the front to rear propshaft, or angle gear collar sleeve. Hope itís not the angle gear. Maybe the passenger axleís carrier?

It started after enjoying my AWD and snowtires in thick heavy snow recently, or possibly driving down a steep hill with slipping on a salty sand pile with my front wheels.

I had been getting a slight metal clink after sharp turns

Iíve been running 75w110 in the angle gear and rear diff