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    Default 05 XC90 Radio stations randomly changing?

    My 2005 XC90 is having an issue where the radio will be on the same station (for my bluetooth transmitter), but then randomly changes the station? It does not always go to the same alternate station, seems to be different each time and seems to also only happen (or at least happen more) when the car is cold? I was thinking that maybe the 'seek' button was sticking - but the station jumps from 106.5 to 96.6 so not the next station in line. Anyone else had this or have a theory on te cause...and fix? thanks!

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    Does it happen when the steering wheel is being turned? We've seen this effect now on several Volvos. The media control buttons on the steering wheel have to go through connectors behind the airbag assy. The wires are flexing when the steering wheel is turning. Over time, the connector contacts become flaky, sending phantom pulses to the media controller. That's the working theory.

    Volvo should upgrade all the steering wheel UI buttons to go through rotating opto-couplers that still function flawlessly after 20 years of driving.

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