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Thread: Subi Vrs Xc70

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    Default Subi Vrs Xc70

    Ive been lurking here for some time now and just wanted to jump in and say hey you've got a great forum here. Im a BIG outdoor gear guy and have been looking at the xc's for many years. I ALMOST bought one two weeks ago. I hope the adminstration dosen't pull this too fast but I thought it would be good info for all of you to know.
    I looked at and drove ALOT of cars ! Heres a quick list
    Volvo XC 70, V70, v70R $45K VERY nice but over kill right now.
    ACURA MDX $43k nice,kinda big,not very sporty.
    DODGE MAGNUM RT (HEMI) fast!handled great! Fit and finish was crap. $34k
    ISUZU AXIOM,nice but "trucky" $28K
    and a few outhers. I own a GMC Youkon so I wanted something "sporty " for my wife and I to drive.
    This car won hands down. I bought it for $29 and change, stickered at $33,900 where the 04 XC WITH THE $5000 REBATE WOULD HAVE COST ME $5K MORE.
    XC, motor at idle was rough even felt through the accelerator. Felt even rougher during accelerating. Subi,cant even tell its running.
    ride..the xc was rough almost "trucky" I felt like I could'nt drive it very hard.The Subi's ride was considerably better. Did I just say that ?
    The Subi rails like the roller coaster at six flags! Just out of Boise theres a little town Called Loman and on the way from there to Id City it climbs about 5k'with about 100 20 mph switchbacks I was taking at 50 with my two kids ASLEEP ! in the back seat and my wife never once told me to slow down. It NEVER felt like I was pushing the car. Awsome.
    power Volvo 208/238lbs torque developed at 1500 rpm witch I liked BUT ! Subi is 250/250. with 45/55 distribution witch makes it feel like a rear wheel drive.
    Warranty..Volvo 4yrs/50k Subi 3/36 but 5/60 powertrain.
    sport shift on both cars BUT the Subi has botton shifters at both 3 and 9 oclock positions ! G force and throttle sensors in "drive" to hold a gear in the cornors. In drive you can use the buttons to down shift and after the compression ceases it returns to drive. What does this mean ? you dont use your brakes much in the mountains. The front air bags sense the seat position,weight of the occupant and the amount of the impact to determine the ammount of force of the air bag. cool huh.. Side and curtian bags standard also. 6 disc in dash. 2 huge sunroofs ! 4 level heated seats.
    Both front seats power. I could go on forever But I would have paid the 5k diff to buy the SUBARU. You owe it to yourself and your bank account to go ckeck out the roo ! EVERY ONE I HAVE SHOWED THIS CAR TO AGREED.
    shhh ( even xc owners ! )
    Happy trails !

    ps. I forgot to mention a few things.
    the 05 Roo has been totally redesigned from 04, alittle wider 3" I think., a little taller but Lower center of gravity.
    I also thought the steering on the 04 xc was very stiff.It needs the speed asist the 05 have, but its it standard. The Subi has speed AND throttle sensitive steering standard !
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    I'm glad you're happy with your Outback. We test drove one and it reminded me a bit too much of my wife's old '84 Subaru turbo wagon, which I have mixed memories of. I'd go into more detail about my quibbles with the new Outback, but I don't want to rain on your parade (or is it a rally race?)

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    I haven't driven the new Outback, I did sit in a new Legacy at an auto show. All reports are that they are both great cars. The car I sat in had a decent interior, much better than before, but I still think the XC is nicer. To each his own, enjoy the car.

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    My wife has had a 97 GT Wagon and a 03 Outback and they were NOTHING like this car. They were both nice cars but the 03 had only168/168lbs of torque which made the car feel heavy,slugish. This car also has pressure sensors in the tires.Led lights built into the mirrors.Clear lenses front and rear
    with projector headlights.Dual climate control that uses infra red sensors to sense body heat not air temp. Im so glad my wife chose this car. I would not have been happy driving the xc after driving this. What do you think a 84 Volvo must have been like. Ill bet Subaru sells 100 to 1 over the xc this year.

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    LOL, I just traded my '03 Suby Outback for an '01 XC70! I definately wanted to drive one of the new turbo Subys, but the wallet would not allow (knew I would have to buy one if I did). I have been a loyal Suby owner ('00 Outback Sport & '03 Outback Wagon), but fell in love with the XC.

    Hey, I live in Meridian, and loved taking my OBS on those windy roads to Loman and McCall!

    If I buy another Suby (which I will never hesitate to do) I will by from Tom Scott....hate that Larry Miller service dept.

    Good luck with your new Suby!

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    Default Sweedish Tank


    At the end of the's still a su-bah-rooo.

    I wish you lots of luck and safe driving, but to compare an outback to a new XC is like comparing a Honda to a BMW.

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    We have an XC and a Subie. A Subie ain't no XC, let me tell ya. I do my own maintenance and stuff like that, I know how each is built. For example, I have had the inner door panels off both playing with speakers. Look at the suspension components. Look at the fit and finish under the car. There is an incredible difference, I am surprised that an XC doesn't cost twice as much, because the design and construction is at least twice as good.

    Here's a problem we faced when we considered buying another Sube. You dropped $29K for a $33K sticker car. However, you can get a base Subie wagon for $22K, and with incentives, you're looking at a sub-$20K car. Most people won't know the difference between yours and the cheapo. DON'T say it doesn't matter what others think: sure it does!

    We love our Subaru, it's just not a Volvo. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for." If you had worked the incentives better, for a few thousand more, you could have had a Volvo. I paid $33.8K for a fully loaded XC. The safety factor alone is worth it.
    '04 XC70, Ice White, Taupe. Original owner (193K miles as of may20). 6 wheel bearings, broken ignition, broken turbo downtube flange, and a myriad of weird crap. Still my favorite car ever.

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    Congrats on the new ride, have any pics to share?

    I look forward to seeing the new Outback as it's about as close as you can get to the XC in the "Sport Utility Wagon" segment without making the big jump in price to the allroad.

    The decision of whether or not they'll be able meet or exceed the XC's capabilities will have to wait for me, I'll reserve my opinion until I've seen and driven the new model

    But that said the photos I've seen do look promising, for Subaru at least.

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    Default guess you expected some feedback...

    I should think that most XC owners are more concerned about arriving safely at their destinations and have wisely made conscious decisions to protect themselves from thoughtless thrill seekers carelessly driving whilst trying to see how fast they can go without upsetting their passengers.

    There is no comparison between the XC and the Suby other than a financial one. Most importantly there are no comparisons between the benchmarks and innovations in safety between Volvo and any other car company. I would expect a high production car to outsell one that isn't 10:1 in a year as well. And frankly I hope they do, I wouldn't want Volvo to become another car company of that class. The company was founded with a dedication to protecting it's car's occupants and has successfully done so for many years. Persons holding these ideals important don't realistically place prices on them. Frivolous things like secondary sunroofs and in-dash multi changers mean nothing when broadsided by an Expedition.

    I can't imagine there is any comparison the quality of materials in these two motorcars....Never-the-less, I do hope you enjoy your Suby, and I too wish you safe driving.
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    Default I considered this also, but ...

    '05 Outbacks are in short supply in my area, so they would be very close to the price of the '04 XC70 with discounts (our fully equipped '04 XC70 with hitch was $36K US 2 months ago). I like the 2.5 5 cyl. idle and low speed feel better than the Sub. 4 cyl 2.5 models ('04's) I've driven, and the Volvo has better low end torque (at 1500 rpm) compared to the '05 OB turbo, even though the Sub. gets more peak torque higher up.

    The major reason we decided against waiting to test the '05 OB is that it is a NEW design. We decided we would not consider it because of teething problems that most new designs have. Our 2000 V70XC gave us excellent service with no mechanical problems (after several years of development by Volvo). My wife's son bought the car and it is going strong.

    It would be interesting to see a comparison test done between the '05 XC70 and '05 OB.


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