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    Two weeks from today we pick up our new XC. Right now we are much more excited about the trip than getting a new car. That will change I am sure when the trip is over and we begin the wait for the car that took us to so many great places to follow us home.

    I have a couple of questions. There was a tread a short while ago about the self dimming mirrows. Barry and several others recommended getting the software changed to max dimming. Does anyone recommend not doing this? Since there weren't any voices against before I will be getting this done a FDC.

    There have been mentions of getting the cars VIN number from Volvo before leaving to pickup the car. I haven't got mine yet, should I start to fret yet?

    Thanks again for all of the help and imput.

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    You should have your VIN by now and if not then talk with your Sales person or call Jason Borsh. It's important you have your VIN as this will be your only real means to verify you are delivered the correct car at FDC -- and be sure to check the VIN at FDC -- Hans told me mistakes have been made before -- so check it OK.

    Have a really great trip.

    My XC70 should be delivered to my dealership tomorrow or the nxt -- hope hope hope    
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    Congrats Paul... that increases the NorCal OSD contigent and the XC population ever so more.

    That last 2 weeks is painfully hard isn't it?  It was for me....

    No opinion of the mirror... its a non-issue to me.  Your a Californian and a Volvo driver---- neither ever LOOK at the mirrors anyway!      
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    Have a wonderful trip Paul, you should be hitting one of the best times to be in Scandinavia. The wild flowers should be spectacular.

    The wait is hard before you go but even worst when you come home not knowing exactly when you will get your car. I am still waiting and mine arrived in Port Hueneme on May 1st. Hopefully I will pick it up tonight.  As for dimming mirror, I opted to not get the auto dimming mirror since I never dim my mirror now, so I can't give any advice.  

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    I am not in my office right now but will be later today.  Please check your email this evening and you will have your VIN number.  Enjoy your trip.  Thanks again.

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    Well since you asked for discention.  My windows are not tinted and I cannot imagine having a darker review mirror.  I don't know how I'd see out the back if it were any darker.  I think it's almost too dark as stock.  Seeing police cars behind you at night is difficult.  You cannot see the colors of the light bar plastic being lit up by cars behind it.  Small point perhaps, but I definitely would not want mine darker.

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